KrasMusic (Featuring Dave Krasnow)




Nothing More (music and lyrics by Lindsey Collins of Scarlet Virginia, lyrics co-written by Kras)
In the opening "Nothing More" I wanted to transport the listener to a wistful world of lost love on the strains of Ron Ross' steel pedal guitar effects, the poignant lead guitar work of Eddie Watson, and the always on-time, clean percussion of drummer, and Raleigh legend, Shedrick Williams.  While the lyrics in the verses seem to directly imply one leaving a bad relationship, I hope " Nothing More " can really speak to anyone who must leave not just a bad relationship, but a bad situation in life. It's about finally getting fed up enough to turn your back on negativity and move on for self-preservation.


Killing Me and The Infidel (music and lyrics by Rex Fowler of the Aztec Two-Step)
My most consistent musical influences over the years came from Rex Fowler and Neal Shulman of the important and prolific folk duo, Aztec Two-Step. I am honored to have the opportunity to cover two of Rex Fowler's earliest and most beautiful songs, "Killing Me" and "The Infidel", which first appeared on their debut album in 1971.

"In the Shadows " is dedicated to Rex and Neal with my gratitude for the joy they've given me along with their constant musical inspiration. Rex's music is always a challenge for me vocally as nobody's voice can compare to his, and I often need to present the songs in a lower key better suited to my lower register.


Meghan's Song (music and lyrics by Kras)
 I wrote "Meghan's Song" to tell the story of my daughter's journey away from home for the first time to pursue her dreams of playing collegiate soccer. She presently plays soccer for High Point University. Again, Eddie Watson's lead guitar is soothing, while producer Ron Ross' cello effects help to bring the story-song to life.


Time (music and lyrics by Kras)
"Time" combines the complementary rhythm guitar talents of Jason Sikes and myself with Eddie Watson's lead work . The three-part guitar composition weaves the song into a romantic and slightly eerie dream world of passion and hopefulness amidst pleasure and pain. "Time" was the first breakthrough composition for me back in 2002. I wanted to write about those romantic interludes that we wish never had to end. But as with all things, Time marches on, and hopefully one can almost feel a clock ticking away the seconds and minutes. I wanted this track to bring a close to the CD's quiet, more sensitive side.


Old Fezziwig (music and lyrics by Kras)
In "Old Fezziwig", the CD moves into a more upbeat phase, telling a story of old and modern social consciousness, somewhat reminiscent of Tracy Chapman's work. I wanted to draw a parallel between Scrooge's beneficent mentor, Fezziwig, from Dickens' A Christmas Carol, with the qualities of the man we voted into the Presidency in 2008, President Barack Obama.  I'm fairly certain this is the first time this analogy has ever been drawn.



My Mirage (music and lyrics by Kras)
Ron Ross' steel pedal guitar effects return in "My Mirage", a story of unrequited love as told by a man who quests for, but fears he will never attain, his one true, young love. Ron's production of "Nothing More" and "My Mirage" employ sound technologies and rhythms that allow these songs to become "new country" crossover entries. I never thought of these songs as being presented in this form, but, again, Ron's vision took over and I hope you will be pleased with the results.


Scimitar, and John and Al's Serenade (music and lyrics by Kras)
"Scimitar" and "John and Al's Serenade" were included on this CD to insert influences from another musical genre - jazz. In both tracks, drummer Shedrick Williams shines brightly, bringing the compositions to life with driving and varied rhythms. Jason Sikes' rhythm guitar work complements the incomparable Eddie Watson's lead guitar work. "Scimitar" (those curved turkish swords) tells the story of a dangerous and broken relationship that is barely survived by its victim. We all have survived both real and figurative pain from such relationships. Luckily this guy in the song both survives and comes away stronger in the end. David Nerz, Raleigh crossword puzzle junkie extraordinaire, and a great friend, gets the credit for the idea of including the word "scimitar" in a song.

"John and Al's Serenade" is a tribute to my son, John, and my Dad, Al. You can hear the opening strains of jazz legend Horace Silver's " Song for my Father ". Again, I wanted to introduce elements of jazz to this CD, and let Eddie [Watson, lead guitarist], ramble and explore freely through this composition. Fans of Santana will notice and appreciate Eddie Watson's accomplished and thoughtful treatment, while drummer Shedrick Williams flawlessly keeps the train on the track.

BONUS TRACK - Gratitude (music and lyrics by Kras)
"In the Shadows" includes a Bonus Track, "Gratitude", a song I wrote as a way of thanking those who stood by me and supported me and my music through the years. "Gratitude" is not only for my friends but for anyone who has good friends who need to be thanked, and maybe haven't been in a while. The world is a much tougher place without them, and I have been blessed to be surrounded by so many wonderful and talented friends in my life.